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Chaat Papri is an Indian Street food more common in Northern India. It is made of fried wafers, potatoes, onions, peppers, yogurt, and tamarind and mint sauces.


Chaat Papri


Gol Gappa



Gol Gappa is a hollow fried dough ball which is filled with potatoes, onions, and spicy flavored water.



Pav Bhaji is bread with a thick potato based curry with spices, onions, and is garnished with coriander.


Pav Bhaji





Samosa is a fried pastry that is filled with spiced potatoes, onions, peas, and lentils. It is usually served with Tamarind Mint Sauces.



Pakora is a fried fritter which consists of potato, onion, spinch, cauliflower, or panner(Chesse). Usually served with Mint and Tamarind Sauces.




Fish Pakora



Pakora is a fried fritter which consists of Fish. Usually served with Mint and Tamarind Sauces.



Chole is a spicy chick pea curry, and it is served with Bathure which is a fried bread made of white flower. Halwa is a sweet dessert made from carrots and cheese.


Chole Bhature w/ Halwa(Origin India) - $6.00


Aloo Tikki



Aloo Tikki is a patato cutlet usually served with Yogurt, Tamarind Sauce, and Mint Sauce.



Jalebi is very similar to a funnel cake but it is not topped with anything but suger.





Makki Di Roti Sarson Da Saag



Sarson Da Saag is a popular vegetable dish made from, mustard leaves, and various spices, served with a corn roti (unleavend bread).



Challi is corn that is grilled and then seasoned with salt and lemon.



Challi (Corn)


Dahi Bhalla



Dahi Bhalla is a dish in which fried balls of lentil, gram flours, and potato is mixed together with yogurt and is topped with tamarind sauce.



Briyani is a rice based mixture which conations vegetables, and a type of meat is added to Non-Veg Briyani.


Briyani Veg/Non-Veg


Indo-Chinese Food





Indian-style spicy Chinese food has a distinct tangy accent judiciously complementing salt and vinegar that tastes like a blend of garlic, onion, and fired up dried chilli.




Indian Buffet includes: Rice three or more kinds of vegetable curries, two or more meat varieties (usually chicken, mutton, or lamb), Chutney, Sweets and more.




Indian Sweets



Indian Sweets vary by regions of India.




Ice Cream will be in many different flavors and so will the frozen yogurt.



Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt


Shaved Ice





Shaved Ice is Ice with a flavoring.



Faluda is a cold and sweet drink. Made with rose syrup served with jelly pieces and tapioca pearls.




Chai (Indian Tea)



Chai is Tea Drunk throughout India



Lassi is a yogurt drink. It can be sweet or salty. There are also varieties in which mango is added to taste.





Kabob & Tikka



Chicken Kabob

Chicken Boti Kabob

Beef Kabob

Chicken Tikka



Rus is a naturally sweetend juice extracted from Suger Cane.


Rus (Suger Cane Juice)

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